Mervyn’s Promotional Campaign

A set company with over 150 employees came to us for a very special project for Mervyns, an American middle scale department store. They wanted a series of sculptures to be installed on a truck and travel for the summer over California and Nevada. The sculptures needed to be of photographic quality and match the provided photos. They first said they had 3 months for the job. It was a challenge but I had a good crew and prepared an estimate that was accepted. Few days later they said they had 6 weeks. The job seemed to be impossible but I gather with my crew and decided to take the job. There was no room for mistake....


Sculptures included a 8' jean jacket, 12' blue jeans, 6' reebok shoes, backpack and sweatshirt. A series of cubes and an oval piece displayed the Mervyn's logo. Logos from different brands and a sound and lighting system for their presentations. Imagine what was this truck on the road !!!

Shoes finished sculpting

Shoes ready to paint